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”He built your skin to last for a lifetime so take good care of it!”

Joann Redmond, Founder DermaCosMedics®

Everyone wants to have younger looking skin. Many people experience just the opposite from years of repetitive unprotected sun exposure and other environmental factors. These factors cause a break down the in the production of collagen and reduces the elasticity of the skin, as well as creating age spots and fine lines and wrinkles. Our anti-aging products help to visibly repair and reduce the signs of aging with effective and proven formulas containing Anti-Oxidants, Amino Acids, Multi-Peptides, Collagen Enhancers, Exfoliants, Retinol, Malus (Apple) Stem Cells, Essential Hydrators and Natural Botanicals.


When you use DermaCosMedics® lineup of anti-aging products thoroughly and consistently you will wonder if you have found a kind of modern day fountain of youth. It is important however for you to do your part by applying your sunscreen every day. You will feel and see the difference.

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