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Correcting Skin Discolorations

Age Spots, Acne Blemishes, and Dark Spots, Pregnancy Mask and Uneven skin tones …are you looking for an even and brighter skin tone and a naturally glowing complexion? DermaCosMedics® offers some of the most illuminating brightening concentrated formulas on the market today.


Correcting skin discolorations remains one of most difficult cosmetic skin problems to correct. Still this problem is correctable with just the right skin care regimen and personal commitment. Do you have unsightly dark spots on your skin? Are you tired of attempting to cover them up with makeup? Let us introduce you to several of our dramatic skin brighteners from DermaCosMedics®. Within weeks of regular use of one of our brighteners, combined with an AHA and our SPF 30 sunscreen applied daily, skin discolorations such as post inflammatory acne blemishes, age spot, dark spots and uneven skin tones will be visibly reduced in color and size. Our skin brighteners promote an even skin tone and a smoother younger looking complexion. Our multifaceted new approaches in skin lightening formulas contain effective ingredients such as: Kojic Acid, Daisy Flower, Giga White/Bio White, Alpha Arbutin, Hexylresorcinol, Niacinamide and an effective conventional formula containing Hydroquinone.

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