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What Makes DermaCosMedics® So Special?

A synergy of skincare products with intelligent ingredients that have been time tested and proven to really work!

Dr. Charlene Lewis, Pharmacist 

“As a pharmacist I learned a long time ago that not all ingredients are created equal. They have the same name but they may be different. As a consumer you have no choice but to depend on the integrity of your provider… and that is why I recommend and use DermaCosMedics® products, all of the ingredients are of the highest quality that can be found”. 

Our customers trust us and have told us that we take all the question marks out of skincare. Let me ask you this. Do find yourself buying skincare products that you end up not using because they are not compatible with your skin type? Or perhaps they did not simply give you the visible results you were seeking? All of our products are classified by skin types or skin problems…not only that but we are available for scheduled on-line consultations to make sure that together we get it right. For 20 years our team has demonstrated the ability to provide answers and solutions to skincare problems. This is a significant but often overlooked step towards the transformation to beautiful clear skin.

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